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Photo: Björn Finnsdotter Minör

Karin Lundin is a Swedish opera singer, singer-songwriter and artist with a strong belief in true and sincere role interpretations. Her ambition is to move the audience by using her personal experiences and emotions in her performances and artistry.

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Listen to the full concert "Havets sånger" (Songs of the sea) 
performed live at Gothenburg Cathedral on July 11, 2020.
The concert starts 5.50 minutes in.
Karin Lundin, soprano
Mathias Kjellgren, pianist

Listen to Karin's own song "Wish you'd seen the blue", 
performed live on 2 July 2020:

In these troubled times, there are a lot of cancellations of concerts. But, don't despair, there will be brighter days in the future! Keep yourself updated and informed by clicking on Calendar.

Listen to Karin's latest recorded song "Alva", written and performed by Karin Lundin, produced and arranged by Emil Lundin, who also plays all the instruments. The lyrics are in Swedish!

Listen on Spotify: Alva

Or on Youtube:

Listen to this episode of Karin Lundin's Tyresö radio broadcast show (in Swedish) "Den kämpande människan" (The struggling human being) were we meet the Swedish handboll pro Vaggo Schjölin who is the first Swedish-Greek in the world to reach Mount Everest top: LISTEN HERE

Photo: Björn Finnsdotter Minör