Welcome to Karin Lundin's website!

Photo: Björn Finnsdotter Minör

Karin Lundin is a Swedish opera singer with a strong belief in true and sincere role interpretations. Her ambition is to move the audience by using her personal experiences and emotions in her performances.


Most Welcome to this summer's concerts! For more information, click on Calendar. Karin has started a new radio broadcast series and now you can listen to the first episode (in Swedish); an interview with actor and singer Magnus Eriksson Emke. Click here to listen.

Karin has for the first time recorded two of her own songs and now you can listen to them on Spotify. Click HERE to listen to "We are all survivors" and click HERE to listen to "Why" on Spotify. Both are written by Karin (music and lyrics) and are produced and arranged by Johan Hackman.

Now you can listen to Karin's half hour broadcast (In Swedish) for Tyresö Närradio 2018: "Du går icke ensam".

Click HERE to listen to Karin on Soundcloud.

Photo: Björn Finnsdotter Minör