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Photo: Jonna Thomasson.

Karin Lundin is a Swedish opera singer with a strong belief in true and sincere role interpretations. Her ambition is to move the audience by using her personal experiences and emotions in her performances.

Saa tag mit hjerte - So take my heart


Now you can listen to Karin on SoundCloud. Click HERE to listen.

Karin Lundin and Mathias Kjellgren - Live at a concert in June 2016.

After a concert in June 2016. From left: soprano Ariadna R. Qvarsebo, pianist Martin Edin and soprano Karin Lundin.

Karin Lundin and pianist Fredrik Schützer after a concert in July 2015.

Karin sings Liù's aria "Signore, ascolta", acting towards bass-baritone Tomas Öhman at the concert "Vårstämning".