"Ave Maria" from Otello by Verdi:

"Ave Maria" by Bach/Gounod:

"The soong to the moon" from Rusalka by Dvorák:

"Allenast i Gud" by Nordqvist:

"Bön" (En prière) by Fauré:

"Jeg elsker dig" by Grieg:

"Evigt dig till hjertat trycka" by Sjögren:

"Tonerna" by Sjöberg:

"I could have danced all night":

"Ave Maria" by Caccini/Vavilov:

The whole concert "Havets sånger" ("Songs of the ocean")
The concert starts after 6 minutes in the video:

"Havets visa" by Nystroem:

"Säf, säf, susa" by Sibelius:

"Wish you'd seen the blue" by Karin Lundin:

"The Song to the Moon" from Rusalka by Dvorák. 

 "Elsa's dream" from Lohengrin by Wagner:


"Tra speme e timore" from Alcina by Händel:

"Alva" by Karin Lundin:

"Fear me now" by Karin Lundin: