Photo: Björn Finnsdotter Minör
Karin Lundin was born and raised in Tyresö, Sweden. Already in her childhood she found the need to express herself through art, music and dance. During her middle school years, she also became interested in theatre and began thereafter at the Dance and Theatre program at S:t Erik’s gymnasium in Stockholm. During her time there, her interest for dance increased and after her gymnasium graduation, she therefore began studying at the Ballet Academies in Stockholm and Gothenburg. After a few years of professional dance studies, she felt that this wasn’t completely what she was intended for and slowly her passion for singing awakened and blossomed. 

After a while Karin realized her dream was to become an opera singer and auditioned and got accepted to Operastudio 67 (The Stockholm Opera studio). During her two years at the studio, she performed roles such as Rusalka, Antonia, La Contessa and Agathe. She studied singing for Ingrid Häggström and took master classes for Ylva Kihlberg, Torbjörn Liljeqvist, Thomas Lander, Mattias Böhm and Bengt-Åke Lundin. She also studied theatre for the actors Patrik Bergner and Georgi Staykov, which increased her belief in true and sincere role interpretations.

After graduating from the opera studio, Karin got accepted to the Chamber Music program at Mälardalen University in Västerås, where she studied classical singing for Lena Hellström-Färnlöf, Bengt-Åke Lundin and Staffan Sandström and theatre for the Royal Dramtic Theatre actor Hans Klinga. During her time in Västerås, she played the role of Den Goda Fen (The Good Fairy) in the comical opera for children: Önskeklappen (The Christmas Wish) at Västerås Concert Hall. She also performed a great number of concerts, for which she got praised in newspaper reviews. In 2010 she got her Bachelor of Arts Degree, including French and German studies at Stockholm University. Around this time, she studied for the Royal Court singer Karl-Magnus Fredriksson.

In June 2012, Karin graduated from the Master of Music in Performance program at Malmö Academy of Music/Lund University, where she studied classical singing for Britta Johansson and Conny Antonov as well as took master classes for Gitta-Maria Sjöberg and opera improvisation lessons for Sara Wilén. Lately, Karin's engagements have included the role of Pamina in Die Zauberflöte (in Swedish), the soprano soloist part in Beethoven’s Symphony no 9 and Berlioz Les Nuits d’Été and a role in Teatr Weimar’s modern music theatre production The stern notes (De stränga anteckningarna). In May 2013, Karin won the second prize in The Wagner Society in Gothenburg’s (Wagner-Sällskapet i Göteborg) Singing Competition for the Bayreuth Scholarship. 

Karin is now living in Stockholm, freelancing and striving to keep developing as a singer and artist. Since she moved back to Stockholm in 2014, Karin has worked with the vocal coaches Mattias Danielsson and Bengt Nordfors, Royal Court singer Hillevi Martinpelto and pianists, such as, Samuel Schönberg, Ola Ottosson and Gustav Asplund, to mention a few. In 2018 Karin was a full time student at the operatic course "The Music Dramatic Expression of the Voice" at the University College of Opera in Stockholm, where she worked with Sieglinde in Die Walküre. Karin's teachers at the course included the opera singers and vocal coaches Ulrika Tenstam and Robert Hyman, stage director Stina Ancker, pianist and music professor Leif Lundberg, pianist Love Derwinger and movement teacher, choreographer and stage director Patrik Sörling.

Karin's ambition is to move the audience by being true and honest in her performances. She is constantly striving to develop as a singer, an artist and as a person and she feels that it is of great importance to use her personal experiences and emotions in her interpretations.